Hover to zoom, or press and hold on mobile. Original is 6″x4″ postcard size.

This was a quick afternoon project to experiment with a hand-drawn workflow. Using Natural Earth data, I exported out three reference images from QGIS (lakes, urban areas, and city points) into the Procreate app on iPad. Then I manually drew out the lakes, shore outlines, urban areas, and city points by hand using a modified “Marker” brush. It is intentionally loose and imperfect, with a bit of overlap and transparency between colors to mimic the misalignment you might get with something like an old risograph or screenprint.

I then exported the image into Adobe Illustrator to add the text. The typeface is BadTyp by Zavier Cabarga. Lastly, I added an artificial halftone texture and a bit of noise and imperfections using Adobe Photoshop.

Aaron Koelker
Please contact me if you\'d like to use or feature my work, I\'d be happy to share it.