The #30DayMapChallenge is an annual social mapping event started by Topi Tjukanov in 2019. 30 prompts are chosen, one for each day in November, and participants then try to create and share a map each day that relates to the prompt.

I decided to do all my maps with dry erase markers on the whiteboard in my office. Most of them are only a few inches in size. I had to make some pretty liberal interpretations of several prompts, given they were all done by hand and I had limited colors to work with. Some are pretty cheeky, while others I put more time and thought into.

For the final prompt, Metamapping, I manipulated all of the images onto a single whiteboard using GIMP and the multiply blend mode, since I erased them from my board each day. The adjacent Tweet has a 30 second time-lapse of that process.

Aaron Koelker
Please contact me if you\'d like to use or feature my work, I\'d be happy to share it.