Featured in the Atlas of Design Vol 5!

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Sometimes I go down so many tangents over the course of a project that I forget where I even started. I do, however, remember starting this spooky map in September and being giddy over the fact that I had so many weeks to finish it in time for Halloween.

I did not finish in time for Halloween.

Local histories and lore were a big part of what interested me about this region and made it feel like something worth mapping. To share that with the reader, I included a lot of flavor text scattered about the map. I chose an isometric perspective (which preserves size and distance for everything despite their relation to the foreground) to keep the cemeteries furthest away from getting all jumbled together. I spent a lot of time fiddling with imagery, elevation models, and color ramps to get the misty, obscured lowlands and muted colors. Then I dimmed everything outside the park to show its extent, rather than using a boundary line. The Cherokee names scattered throughout remind us that the cultural history of the region did not begin with these European pioneers.

I spent more time than I care to admit creating the floating ring symbols, but what I’m most proud of is the neatline. It features actual epitaphs taken from headstones around the park. I collected some of these personally on a last minute camping trip to the park, and found others online.

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