This is an ArcGIS StoryMap — a sort of map-oriented, scrolly-story I made about the menhaden fishery, which has been an important part of the United States economy since its birth. It also touches on the ecological importance of menhaden and why we should manage them with care. An auto-scrolling, embedded version of the story is below — but it’s best viewed in full screen. Especially if you’re on mobile.

It was chosen as a Top 15 Finalist for the 2019 ESRI StoryMapper of the Year contest. The StoryMaps team at ESRI had some kind words to say:

The designers in us adore the unified look of this story map. The narrative sticks strictly to black and white, along with a sparing use of bright red. The result is a visual feast that lends authority and elegance to the story. The cover is simple but extremely effective; the evocative title and historical engraving evoke the frontispiece of an antique book.

Link to Full Screen

Aaron Koelker
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