Hover to zoom, or press and hold on mobile. Original is 36″ x 36″.

This map is a redesign of a redesign. The original map it was created to replace felt a bit cluttered and took a lot of ink to print, so I wanted to make something that was clean and simple in comparison. The first iteration was one of the first big maps I made using ArcGIS Pro. A couple years later, I did a second iteration (featured here) and did away with the original number system in favor of a reference grid. I added a new color scheme that was more inline with the modern Florida State Park branding and made a bunch of small improvements such as masked labels, beefier borders, and replacing the sparse, generalized bathymetry with a geometric water pattern to save on even more ink. Other additions include some subtle reference data like roads, lakes, and urban areas, as well as 9 hidden Florida animal doodles for readers to find, which were all drawn by hand.

Good luck finding them all!

Aaron Koelker
Please contact me if you\'d like to use or feature my work, I\'d be happy to share it.